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MP3 converter (convert 6mb Mp3 music into 990 kb for your mobile)

i have got a software which converts 5mb song to 800kb its name is nch switch sound it is available at go to this site and select audio file format free version of it .after installation go to encoder settings adjust bit rate from 8 to 32 and sound quality 9 , stereo is joint
5mb mp3 song into 600kb
6.5 mb song to 1 mb(e.g->hotel california) believe me the sound quality is unbelievable.i own a ngage qd with 1 gb card having full of mp3 songs counting up to 934 songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Download the Power Packed! Mobile Utilities Toolkits for Your Powerful Nokia Series 60 Mobiles!!

Packet Contents..
YaExplorer 1.4
Text Twist
TarifHunter 1.5
Smart Call Manager 5.23
Opera Browser 8.60
Nokia N70, N72 Torch
Mobile Search 2.3
Killer Mobile Blackballer 1.12
handy Taskman
Handy keylock
Handy Alarm
Full Screen Caller 3.4
Fexplorer 1.17
Cellity Free Sms
Call Recorder Pro 1.03

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120 mobile softwares

This contains 120 mobile softwares

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Ultimate mobile security for Your multimedia mobiles

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